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How many of these faulty arguments can you find today?


Self-refuting statements
You will probably most typically find them in the media, or secular college/school campuses. Pay attention and see if you can hear any of these, or similar ones, throughout your day! 
“Don’t judge me.”-The person saying this is making a judgement. 
“There are no absolutes.”-Are you absolutely sure?
“Everything is an illusion, nothing is real.”-So that statement is an illusion and I shouldn’t trust it? 
“I want to rid myself of all desire.”-So…you desire…to not have desires? 
“There is no truth.”-Is that statement true?
“You can’t know truth.” -How do you know that?
“You should doubt everything.” -So I should doubt what you just said?
“You shouldn’t force your morality on people.” -You are forcing your moral view, that I shouldn’t force my moral view, onto me. 
“You shouldn’t try to convert people.”-Then why are you trying to convert me to the position that it is wrong to convert?
“You should be tolerant of all views.” -Then you should tolerate my view. 
“It’s true for you, but not for me.”-Is that just true for you, or for everybody?
“All truth is relative.”-Is that a relative truth?