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Spiritual anorexia  

We all get hungry and need to eat. It’s a way of survival. A way of life. Our stomach growls and we know we need to feed it. It comes naturally. Well, if you really listen, really pay attention, so does feeding your spiritual-lets call it-stomach. It needs to be fed. And it needs to be fed often. 

If going to church is the only spiritual feeding you get, you are starving yourself. 

All week long, you are surrounded by the world. You are bombarded by worldly values, worldly philosophy, worldly activities, ect…all things that are contrary to what God teaches us and commands us how to live. 
Imagine if you drank poison 6 days a week, then on the last day you drank a nice, healthy, fruit smoothie. So you tell yourself, “I’m healthy because I had my fruit smoothie today!” 

No one would say that person is healthy. Yet we as Christians sometimes think that we are taking care of ourselves spiritually by attending church for an hour on Sunday, then spending the remaining 144 hours of the week without ever reading the Bible, praying, fellowship, ect…

Take care of yourselves. Let’s follow Job’s example. 

“I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.” -Job 23:12